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Mar. 04, 2022India178 Min.Tagline: Not 'Jhund'! Call it a team
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A retired sports teacher transforms a bunch of teenage slum goons into disciplined football players against all odds.

Based on the life of Mr. Vijay Borade, who is on the edge of retirement sports teacher who make a Soccer Team of children in slum which is located besides the college as well as colony where Mr. Borade works & lives respectively. He managed to rehabilitate street lower caste kids by keeping them off drugs and crime by turning them into soccer players and building a whole team. And he also manage to organise a National Soccer Tournament for all slum soccer players from whole India.Jhund 2022 full Movie Download.

T-Series Films, Tandav Film Entertainment and Aatpat’s Jhund (UA) is the story of the fruitful engagement of street urchins by a professor on the threshold of retirement.Prof. Vijay Borade (Amitabh Bachchan) often sees street urchins smoking pot and cigarettes in a playground which he often uses as a thoroughfare. One day, he offers them Rs. 500 if they play a game of football among themselves. They find the offer lucrative, more so because he provides the football too. This soon becomes a pastime-with-benefit for the street kids, and Prof. Vijay sees them becoming better citizens as they spend more time with him and on the playground. By the by, the football team of hutment dwellers attains international recognition.

Nagraj Popatrao Manjule’s story has noble intentions inasmuch as it tries to convey that no person is born bad, that circumstances can lead a person to take the wrong path in life, and that young impressionable minds need to be purposefully engaged as an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. However, the story just has noble intentions; beyond that, there isn’t much steam in it. Manjule’s screenplay is long-drawn and boring, forcing the audience to believe that it was written for a half-an-hour TV serial but stretched into a 178-minute film! The portion (in the second half) in which the football players struggle to get their passports seems too stretched.


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